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Word of the Month – September – Charisma

In September we will be working on the character lesson: CHARISMA. There is a simple fact in human nature that states we all want to be liked. Charisma is all about relationships and how people regard you.  The best part is: charisma can definitely be developed. Anyone can add more to his or her personality.

The Incredible Benefits of training at Storm Family Martial Arts Farnborough.

We all want the best for our children, but it can be hard to find engaging, fun, and structured ways to give them the opportunity to reach their full potential. At our Storm Family Martial Arts Farnborough Academy, Kieran focuses on combining all the wonderful benefits of martial arts classes with a supportive, friendly, and,

Word of the Month – July – Loyalty

In July we will be looking at the character lesson: LOYALTY Loyalty means to be faithful and is the willingness to make an emotional investment or personal sacrifice to strengthen a friendship or relationship. Both friends and family require loyalty from each other, and a lack of loyalty can be one of the major causes

UK Martial Arts Show 2023

The UK Martial Arts Show 2023, at Doncaster Dome, hosted by Bob Sykes and Paul Barnett, was an epic event that had something for everyone. Storm Family Martial Arts had a blast attending this fantastic gathering of martial arts enthusiasts. From back-to-back demonstrations of a wide range of traditional and modern arts to classes throughout

Word of the Month – May – Integrity

Dear Parents & Guardians, In May we will be working on the character lesson: INTEGRITY. Teaching children how to act with integrity is vital for their development. Integrity means to adhere to moral and ethical principles, and if taught correctly, children will take these lessons with them as they grow up. You can help support

Word Of The Month – Determination

In April we will be working on the character lesson: DETERMINATION. Determination is a positive character trait. A person with determination is someone who sets goals and does not give up. If there is something that this person wants to do, he or she will not give up easily or be distracted by something else.

Martial Arts – The history of the Belt System

The black belt in martial arts has an extensive history with many different stories, old myths and modern practices. In most traditional martial arts styles, a black belt signifies a high level of proficiency, dedication and skill. But where did the black belt tradition come from? It’s unclear where exactly the black belt came from,

Word Of The Month -Sportsmanship

Dear Parents & Guardians, In February we will be working on the character lesson: SPORTSMANSHIP. Good sportsmanship is when individuals, teammates, opponents, coaches and officials treat each other with respect. Children learn the basics of sportsmanship form the adults in their lives, especially their parents, coaches and teachers. It is important that children learn how

Champions for Life – Entrepreneurial and Leadership

We all want our children to grow up and be successful. We want to see them become confident, motivated, and resilient adults. Raising children with an entrepreneurial spirit can help to give them a can-do attitude. It can teach them analytical skills and leadership qualities. At the very least, teaching these skills to children will