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Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Fight SMART System, Self Defence.

Kids Classes

Award Winning Children’s Programme:  ‘Developing Champions For Life’

Our unique children’s programme is designed to teach students far more than how to kick and punch. We are very concerned with the well being, health and education of our children. Our innovative method of teaching will influence your child to become achievers in life, as well as in martial arts.

We promote non-violent resolutions to conflict. Yet we strongly believe a child must develop skills and ability to defend themselves.

We have bespoke classes for different age groups and abilities:

Dragons:  Age 4 years to 6 years

Tigers (Beginners):  Age 7 years to 13 years

Tigers (Advanced): Age 7 to 13 years (children with minimum of two years Martial Arts experience)

Leadership & Life Skills Diploma

All new members are invited to complete our Leadership & Life Skills Diploma.   The Diploma covers 9 topics:  Courtesy, Honesty, Perseverance, Self-Control, Discipline,Respect, Courage, Gratitude and Commitment.   At the end of the course they will graduate from Storm University with a Diploma.   This has been very well received by all parents at Storm and the students have leaped forward in their personal development.

Increased Confidence & Self-Discipline

Students will develop greater confidence and self-discipline, as they learn how to react to the world around them. Our young students are treated with respect and are taught to return the same respect for others.

We believe in praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement. Parents that work with us, as a team, will enjoy seeing their child strive for excellence at school, at home and socially.

We will help your child improve in the following areas:

  • Attention span
  • Motor skills
  • Balance
  • Fitness level
  • Respect and etiquette
  • Flexibility
  • Co-ordination
  • Never give up attitude
  • Leadership skills
  • Confidence/self esteem
  • Memory
  • Self defence

Bully Safe Workshops

We will hold regular ‘Bully Safe’ workshops throughout the year.  The Bully Safe modules will be a regular feature of the everyday children’s classes however we will reinforce this with additional workshops throughout the year.  

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