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Word Of The Month -Sportsmanship

Dear Parents & Guardians, In February we will be working on the character lesson: SPORTSMANSHIP. Good sportsmanship is when individuals, teammates, opponents, coaches and officials treat each other with respect. Children learn the basics of sportsmanship form the adults in their lives, especially their parents, coaches and teachers. It is important that children learn how

Champions for Life – Entrepreneurial and Leadership

We all want our children to grow up and be successful. We want to see them become confident, motivated, and resilient adults. Raising children with an entrepreneurial spirit can help to give them a can-do attitude. It can teach them analytical skills and leadership qualities. At the very least, teaching these skills to children will

Word Of The Month – Sharing

Dear Parents and Guardians, In November your child will be working on the character lesson: SHARING. This is an important concept that children must learn. For many children it is difficult for them to see the other end of sharing: the benefits that others gain from one’s act of sharing. In this month’s character lesson,

Best Martial Arts For Children In Berkshire

The world of martial arts gives you so many benefits. Everything from better fitness to increases in confidence and mental well-being. So you have chosen to start a new sport but which is the best martial art? The answer to the question will change depending on what you are looking for. Here we take a

Word Of The Month – Trustworthy

Dear Parents & Guardians, In July we will be working on the character lesson: TRUSTWORTHY. People that are trustworthy have a reputation for being honest, responsible, and reliable. When a child is considered trustworthy, there are many benefits. People tend to treat trustworthy children better and provide them with more opportunities from learning to leading

Storm Family Martial Arts attends Thames Valley Student Independence Day

Thank you to Thames Valley Learning Partnership for inviting us to be a part of their Student Independence Day at St Joseph’s Catholic High School in Slough. Their aims as an organisation are to: -Provide collaborative and informative experiences for secondary-aged students across a range of subjects, thereby providing a variety of learning opportunities and

Martial Arts Grading In Bracknell

Congratulations to our new Black Stripe Adult students !!! This Saturday 8 of our adult students completed an exhausting 3 hour session to achieve their Black Stripe Belt. The session consisted of over 2 hours of non stop self defence and kickboxing techniques followed by 45 minutes of 3 v 1 sparring. We were really

Martial Arts Photoshoot

Storm Family Martial Arts held a photoshoot this weekend for 200 children and adults from our academies in Maidenhead, Bracknell, Warfield, Windsor, Wokingham and Woodley. Students performed techniques from our kickboxing, Karate and TaeKwonDo syllabus and the action shots were amazing. The feedback was very positive and we will definitely be doing this again next

Self Discipline – June’s Word Of The Month at Storm Family Martial Arts

Dear Parents & Guardians, In June we will be working on the character lesson: SELF-DISCIPLINE. Parents and teachers both overwhelmingly agree that self-discipline is one of the most important skills anyone can have. It goes without saying that children can and will learn self-discipline if they are exposed to an environment that nurtures this very

Storm Family Martial Arts Win Silver at WUMA European Championships

Congratulations to Chief Instructor Digger Barnes for his Silver Medal at the WUMA Kickboxing European Championships held this weekend in Worcester. It was a long day with hundreds of competitors competing from all over Europe for 7 hours across 4 areas. It was great to see lots of friends at the Championship.  We hadn’t seen