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Storm Family Martial Arts – Word of the Month for May – Courage

In May we will be working on the character lesson: COURAGE. As you know, our goal is not only to train our students in martial arts but to help them become well rounded individuals with strong morals and a firm understanding of what is right and what is wrong. We will not only emphasise physical

Health & Nutrition Seminar

Thank you to everyone who attended our Health & Nutrition Seminars this week.  We had around 50 people attend over the two evenings. The feedback has been very positive.   I’d like to say a huge thank you to Kara Newman for giving up two evenings to help our students. Here is all of Kara’s

Free Health & Nutrition Seminar

We are super excited about our upcoming Health & Nutrition seminars. These seminars are 100% free to all students & parents at Storm plus you can bring as many friends and family members as you want with you… all free ! The seminars will be run by Kara Newman. Kara trained with the highly respected

Outstanding Contribution To The Community Award – Winner

On Thursday 25th January, the Chief Instructor for Storm Family Martial Arts was invited to attend the Thames Valley Business Awards as Storm was shortlisted for the Outstanding Contribution To The Community Award.  From over 100 nominees that were whittled down to a shortlist of 12, which was then further reduced to 3 finalists, Storm

February Word of the Month – Cooperation

In February, Storm Family Martial Arts will be working on the character lesson: COOPERATION. Cooperation is a skill that must be learned by all children. We are in a unique position to help children learn how to build cooperation. When this skill is present, the child understands how to balance his or her own needs

The Vital Role of Stretching in Martial Arts: Flexibility for Success

Introduction Martial arts is a discipline that demands a combination of strength, speed, agility, and precision. While rigorous training drills and sparring sessions are integral components of martial arts, the often-overlooked key to success is flexibility, achieved through regular stretching exercises. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of stretching in martial arts and how

Empowering Women: Practical Self-Defence Measures for Safety in the UK

Introduction: Safety is a fundamental human right, and every woman in the UK should be empowered to take practical steps to protect themselves. While it is essential to live in a society where women can move freely without fear, it’s equally important to be prepared and knowledgeable about self-defence. This document created by Storm Family

Self Defence Classes at Storm Family Martial Arts

Well done to all our students in Bracknell, Maidenhead and Windsor over the last month who have been learning their new self defence techniques as part of their grading syllabus. All our self defence techniques comes from the revolutionary Fight SMART System.   A simple, effective and easy to learn system that could potentially save your

Ladies Only Kickboxing Classes – Maidenhead & Bracknell

Wow !  So much fun was had at Storm Family Martial Arts with the launch of our Ladies Only Kickboxing Class. We kicked off with a 4 week course at our Maidenhead and our Bracknell academy.  Both of which were sold out in record time. In total 40 ladies signed up and we’re currently half