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Martial Arts Grading In Bracknell

Congratulations to our new Black Stripe Adult students !!!

This Saturday 8 of our adult students completed an exhausting 3 hour session to achieve their Black Stripe Belt.

The session consisted of over 2 hours of non stop self defence and kickboxing techniques followed by 45 minutes of 3 v 1 sparring.

We were really impressed by the standard shown by all students on the day.

Achieving a Black Belt at Storm Family Martial Arts is something to be very proud of as the final year of testing is very challenging.

Students will undertake 5 gradings over a one year period:

Month 1: Brown Belt Students are invited onto Black Belt Testing Programme

Month 2: Students begin one year of charity / community work

Month 3: Three hour grading.  All successful candidates remain on programme

Month 6:  Three hour grading (successful candidates awarded Black Stripe)

Month 9: Three hour grading.  All successful candidates remain on programme

Month 12: Three hour grading.  All successful candidates invited to final assessment

Month 12:  Four hour final grading.  Black Belts awarded to successful candidates

Well done to all 8 candidates who are through to the next phase of the Black Belt Testing Programme

Martial Arts Grading Bracknell Adult StudentsStorm Martial Arts Grading Bracknell
Martial Arts Grading Bracknell

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