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Storm Family Martial Arts Chief Instructor Selected For Team GB

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder about some exciting news as Digger’s Team GB kit arrived today.  

After a ‘short’ 18 year break from competing, Digger went back out on the circuit, just for fun, a few years back and having entered 5 national & international tournaments he came away with 5 silver medals. 

The Silver medals above resulted in his qualification to represent Team GB at the 2023 World Championships in Greece.

When asked for comment he said:

Well, I’m 52 next month and this is definitely my last tournament.  Well, probably !  But, if my wife asks, say definitely !!!    

Fighting in the Over 35 Masters Open Weight category I’ll most likely be the smallest and the oldest competitor but I’ll be giving it everything I’ve got.  I don’t have any expectations about a podium finish this time.  I’m just excited to experience competing at the highest possible level.

I’m very proud to be representing Team GB in Greece and very much looking forward to my last ever (probably) competition in 10 days time”. 

The World Championships are over 3 days next weekend (22nd to 24th September) in Argos, Greece and we’ll post updates on our facebook page

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