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Martial Arts Instructor Development Programme

We take great pride in offering the very best Martial Arts tuition in the area.

In recent years we have won prestigious awards such as ‘UK Martial Arts Instructor Of The Year’ and ‘Martial Arts Academy Of The Year (London & SE England Region).

Our Instructor Training Programme is the best in the country and we deliver this programme with support from the national Instructor Training Academy.  We were the first martial arts school in the UK to launch this new and innovative programme to help improve the quality of martial arts tuition in the UK.

All of our assistant coaches must complete a one year academic study to pass the theory test towards their instructor grade.  Alongside this they must develop the ability to create and deliver outstanding lessons for our 250 students.   There are 12 workbooks to complete along the way and each workbook requires a huge amount of time and effort to complete.

In June and July all assistant coaches will have the opportunity to act as a full instructor to create and deliver back to back Dragons and Tigers classes and receive feedback on their preparation and performance to help with their continued growth.

Here is Sarah delivering a flawless, wonderfully engaging class in our Maidenhead Academy.

It is wonderful to see so many of our adult students embarking on their coaching journey and we look forward to awarding them their instructor badges in due course.  An assistant instructor and/or instructor badge is very difficult to obtain and it will be a huge achievement to all who make the grade.

All new students will be aware of our Mission Statement from their Student Handbook and we are absolutely 100% committed to delivering on this:

Our mission is to disrupt the martial arts industry by delivering an experience that is much more than simply kicking and punching.

We are dedicated to the continuous personal development of our students by providing a superior method of martial arts tuition, physical fitness and mental growth through our unique programmes.

We will create role models who are both respected in and are a positive influence on their local community.

We will create an inclusive and welcoming training environment at every class whilst pushing each and every student to reach their full potential.

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