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Word Of The Month: Loyalty

Dear Parents & Guardians

In July our Word Of The Month is LOYALTY

Loyalty means to be faithful and is the willingness to make an emotional investment or personal sacrifice to strengthen a friendship or relationship.

Both friends and family require loyalty from each other, and a lack of loyalty can be one of the major causes of friendships and relationships breaking down.

Below are some tips on how to compliment the lessons we teach about Loyalty this month:

  • Children are beginning to build strong bonds with friends and family. Teach them how to demonstrate loyalty to their friends and family members.

  • Children have a good grasp on what’s real and what’s fake. Teach them how to have loyalty by understanding the difference between “false” loyalty and “real” loyalty.

  • With older children, teach them how to have loyalty with friends and family by solving conflicts.

Learning and maintaining the virtue of loyalty is a difficult task.  It requires sacrifice, deliberate effort, and wisdom.

Children that learn these lessons and at the same time have the opportunity to practice on their family and friends will build valuable skills in loyalty that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to watching our Dragons and Tigers build the skill of Loyalty!


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