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Junior Coaching Team

Wow !  What an amazing day !!!

On Saturday we had 22 children attend a Storm Family Martial Arts Management Team Meeting & Personal Development Workshop.

All students attended in formal business wear and looked very professional indeed.

The meeting was 2.5 hours long with a 25 page workbook written specifically for this meeting by our Chief Instructor.

We started the Management Team Meeting by presenting an overview of the academy to the team.   We then went on to explain the vision for the next 10 years broken down into great detail.  It’s fair to say the kids were surprised and excited with the scope and ambition of our goals and objectives.

After discussing the Storm Mission Statement in detail, the students worked in groups to come up with ideas for an A-Team Mission Statement.  Each team then nominated a spokesperson who presented their results back to the room.   We were blown away with the presentations and they really surpassed our expectations.

After a spot of lunch we then asked all attendees to complete a Learning Styles exercise.  In this exercise the children were able to identify if their preferred learning style is Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic (or any combination of).   We then went on to explore what this means for us as coaches when teaching full classes where we may not know everyones learning style.   Digger then presented ways to ensure we teach in a manner that allows every type of learning style to be covered at once.  Whether in large groups or on an individual basis.

After a short break we moved on to ’30 ways to praise’ and the PIP (Praise Improve Praise) model of giving feedback.   The teams then worked on an exercise to rephrase comments such as ‘You’re doing that wrong’.

The next two topics were on the importance of using names of students when coaching and how to remove the word ‘no’ from your vocabulary when coaching.

The final coaching topic was a detailed discussion on our Three Phase Teaching System.  In simple terms ‘Introduction’ (get the basics right),  ‘Polish’ (start to correct mistakes) and ‘Perfection’ (prepare student for belt test).   The junior coaches really did well here to understand this journey is over a period of months… and is not a journey a student can make in a single class.

The last exercise was a discussion to find out what resonated with everyone as we knew all attendees would find some topics more interesting than other topics.  Everyone documented the three main changes they can make to their coaching technique to ensure they are growing as a coach and our students are achieving their full potential.

It was such positive day.  We are so proud and delighted to have such a wonderful team of junior coaches who give up so much of their time, not just to help others but also to attend meetings like today so they can grow in knowledge and confidence as a coach, leader and Storm ambassador.

This is our Storm Mission Statement and we feel that days like to today prove we are 100% committed to delivering on this promise:

Storm Mission Statement

Our mission is to disrupt the martial arts industry by delivering an experience that is much more than simply kicking and punching.

We are dedicated to the continuous personal development of our students by providing a superior method of martial arts tuition, physical fitness and mental growth through our unique programmes.

We will create role models who are both respected in and are a positive influence on their local community.

We will create an inclusive and welcoming training environment at every class whilst pushing each and every student to reach their full potential.

Here are a few pictures of some of the 22 children who attended the day




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