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International Women’s day – Martial Arts and Female Warriors

On the March 8th, this month, International Women’s Day was celebrated around the world and Storm family Martial Arts gave a shout out the all the fabulous Storm Team ladies.

This day is meant to honour and recognize the accomplishments of women throughout history and today.

In celebration of this special day, let’s take a closer look at the role that ladies have played in the martial arts over time, how they can benefit from joining martial arts classes, and why it’s important to champion these classes.

Martial arts has its origins in ancient Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures. Although most of the traditional teachers were male-dominated and often banned women from taking part in such practices due to cultural norms or gender restrictions, some brave female warriors took up martial arts against the odds.

Throughout history, many women proved themselves just as talented and successful as men when it comes to mastering martial arts. Even today there are many examples of high-level instructors, that are also leaders within their disciplines who have earned titles like grand master or champion in a variety of martial art styles such as kung fu, taekwondo, jujitsu and more.

The popularity of ladies-only martial art classes has grown significantly in recent years as many women have become more comfortable trying new activities and pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. In these all-women environments, instructors often tailor their programs specifically for ladies who may not feel as comfortable learning martial arts in an environment with men present or might not want to compete against male opponents while training. More Storm Family Martial Arts advocates inclusivity for all and offers both Ladies only classes as well as mixed; both classes are a great success.

In addition to having fun and getting physical exercise while practicing different self-defence techniques or sport competitions there are many benefits to joining any type of martial art program:

 * Developing leadership skills by building confidence

* Increasing self-discipline & focus

* Improving overall health through increased fitness & strength

* Connecting with others within the martial arts community

It’s a valuable reminder that women are just as capable of mastering martial arts techniques. By allowing more access to martial arts instructions, we’re not only empowering women, but we’re also increasing gender equality. We’re recognising that anyone – regardless of gender – can choose to challenge their own boundaries and take on the metal and physical challenge of martial arts training.

In honour of International Women’s Day, lets come together and encourage more ladies to join in the martial arts tradition. Whether you’re an experienced martial artist or an absolute beginner, challenge yourself – you may be surprised to find out just what you’re capable of!

Overall, we must continue celebrating International Women’s Day each year and supporting those female warriors who show us how strong they can be both mentally and physically when pursuing something they are passionate about!

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