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Karate Party

Thank you to LUKE and OLIVER for inviting us to be a part of their birthday celebrations.

We had such a fun time hosting your KARATE PARTY at Storm Family Martial Arts.

We had a fun warm up with a ‘Run Through The Jungle’ and after taking about the word of the day ‘RESPECT’ we cracked on with lots of Martial Arts including:

  • Guarding Stance:  How to stand and move like a Ninja

  • Blocks: The kids learnt how to defend themselves against big foam hammers using HIGH BLOCK, OUTER BLOCK and LOW BLOCK

  • Punches: The kids learnt how to JAB and CROSS like a World Champion Boxer

  • Kicks: The kids learnt how to FRONT KICK and after a successful warm up on the pads they all SMASHED a BREAK BOARD with their ferocious kicks


We then had a warm down and it was time for a few nibbles and games.

At the end of the party we cut the birthday cakes with our SAMURAI SWORD and said our goodbyes.

It was such an enjoyable day and we’re looking forward to hosting more KARATE PARTIES for our students

Karate Party Storm Family Martial Arts


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