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Word Of The Month – Patience

Dear Parents & Guardians,

In October we will be working on the character lesson: PATIENCE.

It is difficult to categorize at what age children will learn patience.  In order to learn patience, children must learn how to deal with disappointment.  If we give in to every demand of a child, then that child will never learn how to wait for what they want and this can be a difficult cycle to break.

The following information includes a few facts and tips regarding patience in children and ideas on ways to help them improve upon this character trait:

  • With children ages 3 and 4; they are very impatient and will want to be first during every activity. It is our role to help them understand the importance of waiting their turn.

  • With children ages 5 and 6; they are impulsive and will blurt out an answer to a question without raising their hand and waiting for the teacher to call on them. It is our role to teach them how to wait for proper directions.

  • With children ages 7 and up; now is a great time to teach them how to have patience as it relates to perseverance and endurance required to accomplish large goals, such as attaining a black belt.

The homework for our junior students this month will be to wait if their grown up is talking before asking their question.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to watching our youthful students build the skill of patience.


Digger Barnes

Chief Instructor

Storm Family Martial Arts

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