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Burn off those Christmas calories

Being overweight usually leads to lack of energy, mental sluggishness, loss of confidence, and increased risk of health problems.

Fad diets will produce some initial weight loss, but this approach isn’t usually sustainable. Committing to an intensive gym programme can also be effective, but it can be hard to stay committed to this long-term. Martial arts is an effective alternative to these temporary fixes, and it is the best exercise for weight loss because:

Practicing Martial Arts Can Burn A Lot Of Calories

The exact number of calories a person burns while practicing martial arts is going to depend on a number of factors including body weight. On average, a one-hour training session can burn around 600 calories. Most martial arts also include some form of strength training so practitioners can expect to gain more muscle. This is good news for weight-loss because muscle consumes more calories than fat tissue – it means martial artists will be burning more calories even when they are not training.

Practicing Martial Arts Can Help Create A Positive Body Image

Practicing a martial art is about learning to master the body. This feeling of being in control can leads to increased confidence and better choices in regards to health. It is usually people who have a poor body image that are most likely to engage in weight-gain behaviours such as comfort eating. This is because they are going to feel less in control of how their body looks, and this can lead to a type of fatalistic attitude.

Martial Arts Is A Fun Way To Lose Weight

Martial arts can be enjoyed by people of any age, and it provides a lifelong path to good health and weight stability. The fact that this is a fun thing to do means that it doesn’t feel like any type of sacrifice. It just becomes a way of life, and this makes it the best exercise for weight loss.

Weight loss is just one of the benefits of practicing martial arts. This is an excellent activity for kids and grown-ups because it improves self-esteem, reduces stress levels, improves mental health, and can be used for self-defence

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