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Martial Arts Black Belt

Posted by storm-family-martial-arts on 4th December 2020

It’s hard to think of a more famous ranking system in sport than that of the belts used to signify a student’s level of training in martial arts. Today, the term ‘black belt’ has transcended the likes of judo and karate, and taken on a meaning of its own in popular culture. But what IS […]

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Why Do Parents Love Martial Arts For Their Kids So Much ?

Posted by storm-family-martial-arts on 30th November 2020

There are many reasons to  sign up your child(ren) for a martial arts program. If you are a parent looking to find a program for your child that you can support, here are five reasons why parents find martial arts is a good fit for not just their children, but their entire family! Teaches Discipline […]

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Children’s Martial Arts

Posted by storm-family-martial-arts on 26th November 2020

HOW TO GET CHILDREN STARTED WITH MARTIAL ARTS Martial arts are good for kids. This isn’t about exposing them to violence, in what often seems like an increasingly violent world. No, what martial arts training can do is offer children a way to develop self-discipline and self-confidence, while providing them with an excellent source of […]

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Franchise Opportunity

Posted by storm-family-martial-arts on 25th November 2020

Do you want to run your own successful Martial Arts Academy ? Storm Family Martial Arts is widely recognised as a leading light in martial arts tuition and personal development in the UK.   We run multiple programmes: Ninjas:     Age 3 Dragons: Age 4 to 6 Tigers:    Age 7 to 14 Adults: […]

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Christmas Gifts For Martial Artists

Posted by storm-family-martial-arts on 18th November 2020

Hi everyone, We are delighted to inform you we have some wonderful new additions to the online shop on our website If you are looking for ideas for some gifts for your little Dragon or Tiger then take a look. Or, if you are an adult and you see something you like, send this direct […]

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Self Defence For Kids – Storm Family Martial Arts

Posted by storm-family-martial-arts on 12th November 2020

SELF-DEFENCE STRATEGIES KIDS CAN USE TO WARD OFF BULLIES Posted: September 25, 2020 Is your child prepared or equipped to deal with bullies? This blog explores some of the best self-defence strategies for kids when it comes to playground bullying. Sadly, bullying is all too common in the UK. Ditch the Label – a charity […]

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Where Is The Best Martial Arts School in Berkshire ?

Posted by storm-family-martial-arts on 11th November 2020

Where is the best martial arts school in Berkshire ? Many parents would love for their children to try martial arts… but it can be a very confusing decision that parents are faced with.  Its a tough choice as there are endless amounts of schools out there all trying to get your attention, all of them declaring that […]

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Martial Arts: The Impact on Children’s Behaviour

Posted by storm-family-martial-arts on 30th October 2020

When your child’s behaviour reaches a new low, you can feel at the end of your tether. You don’t know how to make sure your child’s behaviour improves sooner rather than later. After all, you need to tackle the issues now before they escalate as they get older. One way you can help your child’s […]

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October Word Of The Month: Patience

Posted by storm-family-martial-arts on 4th October 2020

Dear Parents & Guardians, In October we will be working on the character lesson: PATIENCE. It is difficult to categorize at what age children will learn patience.  In order to learn patience, children must learn how to deal with disappointment.  If we give in to every demand of a child, then that child will never […]

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Word Of The Month: CARING

Posted by storm-family-martial-arts on 3rd March 2020

Dear Parents & Guardians, In March we will be working on the character lesson: CARING. Children show signs of caring and empathy at a very young age.  Caring is not just a way of feeling, it’s a way of behaving. This month’s lesson plans will help teach our students that what makes us caring people […]

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