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7 Benefits of Self Defence Classes

From learning personal safety to improved fitness, there are many reasons why people take self defence classes..

1 – Safety And Security

The sense of personal security which comes from being able to go out, perhaps on the streets of a big city, at any time of day or night knowing that you have the attitude and the skills to defend yourself and to avoid or defuse potentially dangerous situations is a goal which is well worth aiming for.

In the unlikely event that such a situation arises then you will have earned the know-how to enable you to respond decisively and effectively.

2 – Protection

There can be few more satisfying feelings than knowing that you’re in control of a situation and in a position to defend those who mean most to you. Embrace the empowering feeling that comes with knowing that you are well equipped to protect your loved ones.

3 – Confidence

Gain confidence not only in a situation where you might have to deal with an attacker, but also added confidence for life in general. Having built your self-confidence you will carry yourself with a confident air and the way that others see you will change too. A man or woman whose posture exudes a certain poise and assurance is much less likely to be troubled by assailants.

4 – Discipline & Focus

For self-defence read self-discipline & focus. An essential skill for anyone, you will need discipline to attain your goal of acquiring the necessary skills. Self-discipline to maintain your training and fitness regime and to ensure that if you do have to exercise what you’ve learned in self-defence classes that you’ll have the self-discipline to exercise restraint and use these techniques within certain boundaries.

5 – Health And Fitness

Self-defence classes are just the start. An added bonus to the acquisition of these new skills will be a noticeable improvement in your physical and mental fitness as well as all-round health benefits.

6 – Friendship

Self-defence classes are a great way to make new friends and widen your social circle. Classes can attract people from all walks of life and it’s an ideal opportunity to meet and mix with people from a wide variety of different backgrounds and establish lasting friendships – people who you perhaps wouldn’t get the chance of interacting with during your normal daily life.

7 – Networking

Meeting new people at these classes could well lead to new opportunities, perhaps a new job or venture. Personal development is another key by-product of the classes. By learning one new skill, you’ll quite likely have your keenness sharpened and to go on to learn another, and another. Self-defence classes could contribute to big changes in your life and the sky really is the limit.

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