Storm Family Martial Arts

Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Fight SMART System, Self Defence.

Join Our Instructor Team !

Join Our Team !

All students are welcome to apply to join our instructor team, regardless of your grade.

We have 4 levels within the Instructor Team:

  • Assistant Coach (from White Belt)
  • Coach   (minimum standard – Green Belt)
  • Assistant Instructor (minimum standard – Red Belt)
  • Instructor (minimum standard – Black Belt)

What Does A Coach Do ?

At the first level (Assistant Coach) responsibilities will include:

  • Being a ‘buddy’ to new members to ensure we are meeting their needs
  • Helping with the junior classes as a pad holder and joining in the games as a leader
  • Helping new students fine tune their techniques in preparation for their first grading

Why Join The Team ?

As a member of the instructor team you will have access to additional free / private training to accelerate your learning and receive an ‘Instructor Team’ uniform.

All individuals joining the instructor team will need to pass an enhanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check and pass a short Child Safeguarding course.  We work in partnership with the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association and will arrange this for you through them.