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Storm Family Martial Arts Photoshoot

Thank you to everyone who came to our photoshoot this weekend.  What a wonderful experience it was.

We had around 130 students attend which was great.   It was such a wonderful weekend we will make this an annual feature and hopefully next year we can have all 200+ students attend.

The photographer will be creating a ‘group shot’ from your individual photos and I’ll have a draft, digital copy of this soon.

Once I have the digital copy I will make it available so everyone can check they are in it.  If you (or your child) is missing just let me know and I’ll ask the photographer to add you/him/her to the photo.

Once we’re happy the photo is accurate and everyone is in I will make the final digital version available for everyone to download for free.

It will be possible to buy the group picture as a professional print and I will send a link out if anyone wants to buy a hard copy.  These are £10 and will be posted to you by the photographer directly.

So, I’ll be in touch in a week or two with the draft group picture and once we’re all happy with it I’ll make the final version available for download for free and send a link so you can purchase a print if you want a hard copy.

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 Storm Family Martial Arts

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